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But there are many  ways to save lives and prevent injuries every day that we already agree on

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Every year, over 17,000 people in the US under the age of 19 are shot.*  


No single, simple action will reduce child accidents, teenage catastrophes 

and crime more than securing every gun in a home, vehicle and place of business.   


If you have a gun or access to one, REAIM at

preventable shootings NOW by clicking a link below. 

* CDC 2016
Eddie Eagle
What kids do when
they find guns 
Teaching kids what
not to do
How parents who pack can talk to kids
Are you arming
Protecting yourself and
others when you carry
 By the numbers
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Whether or not one believes that only a good guy with a gun 

can stop a bad guy with a gun, most can agree that fewer bad guys

(or severely mentally ill people) with guns will lead to fewer shooting crises


In successive national polls since 2012, over 90% of respondents, including 90% of gun owners, supported expanded, mandatory background checks on all gun purchases.* 


To REAIM at preventable shootings--not at the rights of Americans 

to responsibly own and use firearms--click one of these links. 


*2012, 2013, 2014 by Reuters/Ipsos, CBS News/

New York Times and Quinnipiac University 


Washington Post
Minn Post
AZ Daily Sun
Guns owned for self-defense rarely used to kill criminals
An armed, and
peaceful country
Does the presence of
guns increase agression?
Can gun ownership be
made responsible?
Gun manufacturing  and licensing standards?
By the numbers
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How Americans use firearms--legally or illegally--

is key to saving lives and reducing injuries.


A man on death row for shooting a friend he argued with at a party

said the one thing he wished he had really learned about guns when he

was younger was: "After shooting someone, you can’t take it back."


REAIM at irreversible shooting consequences by clicking a link below. 


The Interrupters Official Trailer
Preventing potential shootings with 500 years of prison experience
Treating violence
 like a disease.
Hard lessons from 
hard time
Miami Herald
More to fear from 
accidental shootings than criminal intrusions?
NY Times
gun violence
By the numbers
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All guns have triggers. All people do, too. 

With a gun in hand, or nearby, how one THINKS... about safety, responsibility

or conflict resolution can end, or save a life, or lives, in a heartbeat. 


To REAIM at the triggers of preventable shootings, click any link. 


Armor of Light Film
An evangelist and a mom of a shooting victim find common ground across party lines
The real life impact
of gun violence
The Moth
Treating violence
like a disease
A lesson one teenager learned
that he will never forget
By the numbers
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Some of the worst gun violence in the US today 

is in communities with the toughest gun laws. 


Inner city teens trapped in vicious cycles of poverty, unemployment, drugs,

retribution and real or perceived fear for their lives need better education, resources

and economic opportunities to believe that bullets can never solve these problems


To REAIM at senseless shootings in your neighborhood, click a link.
Post Gazette
The Interrupters Official Trailer
Turning guns into jobs!
Hard lessons from 
hard time
Preventing potential shootings with 500 years of prison experience
One son a victim, the other
the perp; two loving moms
find common mission
Swapping guns
for laptops.
By the numbers
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*Congressional Budget Office

**Violence Policy Center

Hitting Home (ADgitators)
NY Times

As tragic and worrisome as terrorism and mass shootings are, together they

are less than 1% of annual gun deaths and injuries in the US for the last 30 years.


Since 9-11, our country has spent half a trillion dollars on homeland security.*

Since 9-11, half a million civilians have been shot to death in our homeland.**

To REAIM at gun violence on American soil, click any link.

By the numbers
How many Americans
are killed by terrorism?
Mass media and
mass shootings
Hitting home
Mass shootings fuel fear,
but are a fraction of murders
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Huffington Post
Suicides often start with
other victims first
How people prone to suicide act around guns 
The hidden toll of
guns and suicide
Fighting suicide
How to help prevent
       gun suicide
By the numbers

Every day 58 Americans aim a gun at themselves and end their lives. 


Suicides—including murder-suicides, where guns are used to take the lives of others first—are

the leading cause of shooting deaths in the US each year. While not every suicide can be prevented, 

nearly 90% of people who survive an attempt on their life DO NOT go on to kill themselves


Securing ALL guns in homes, easier access to mental health counseling, and distributing

suicide awareness and prevention materials at gun stores and firing ranges are proven

ways to help save lives. Learn more in links; the life you help save may be your own.

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