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When the weather heats up, unfortunately so does gun violence.
Many of RE-AIM's current campaigns and ones we're launching online can be especially effective on billboards this summer, in train stations, around rec centers, in both urban and rural communities. 
Your donations, no matter how small or large, will move these messages into public spaces, where and when they're needed most, to empower people to prevent senseless shootings.
If you, your employer, or community service organizations are interested in getting behind specific messages or campaigns, see info below.
Your continued online support, comments and shares are much appreciated. A happy, safe (!) spring to all, from Team RE-AIM!  

RE-AIM is a nonlegislative public service project of Mindcite, LLC, an independent social enterprise. 


Mindcite is seeded and supported by individual donations, and by relevant sponsors who affiliate with, commission or support wider distribution of specific public service messages and campaigns. 


Mindcite receives no political funding. Current donations are not tax deductible, but all proceeds from them go into creating, producing and distributing print, video, radio, online and outdoor messages.  


To help mindcite deliver more messages, click here:



Donations can also be sent to:  MINDCITE LLC, PO BOX 1340, NEW YORK, NY 10011


To inquire about sponsorship, affiliation or commissioning opportunities, click here.


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